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Search Engine Optimization, S.E.O.

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Organic SEO Services in Boston, MA.

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How We Improve Your Website Traffic?

Own a small business or startup around Boston, MA? Then you need to understand Google SERP (search engine results).

How We Improve Your Website Traffic and Sales:

BUT before you dive into SEO, please remember that there is NOT easy and fast way to get on PAGE ONE of Google. You heard it right! organic SEO takes time, hard work and knowledge.

SEO takes time, skills and a lot of work.

There are many factors that Google and Bing or Yahoo, consider to rank and index your website; some of them are:

On Page Search Engine Optimization

  • Your domain name age;
    even though this is not very important, every bit counts according to Matt Cutts in this video Watch it Here.
  • Having your main keywords in your domain;
    we are not suggesting to stack keywords on it, at all. It would damage your rankings more than help ( Understand the EMD Google Algorithm). You need to remember also, that a too long domain name it’s hard to remember.
  • Private or public domain.
    There is no good reason to hide your information in the whois database, unless you are hiding something. So it’s better not to.
    Please take into account that many web hosting companies and domain name registerer provide private domain services when you buy your domain name.
  • Titles in your pages and a good page description.
    Having your keywords in your title is a good idea. As it is also to wrap your main keyword phrases in “h1” tags.
    Not less important is to provide a good, no more than 155 characters description of your page.
  • Quality and Unique Content:
    Most of all, good and useful information on your site is key to rank well on search engines.
    We need to avoid duplicate content at all cost. Usually we recommend to hire a SEO content writer, which usually gets expensive, but it also can give your website the boost it needs, by providing your prospects useful information about the services and products you are trying to market online by using the right keyword phrases that people use when searching online.
  • We make sure your site loads at the recommended speed.
  • Optimize your images so they load fast and are of an optimum quality. Paying a photographer it would be a recommendation, but if that is too much, we can take some pretty good quality pictures for you.
  • Link building:
    This is a factor that can either help boost your rankings or get you penalized by Google.
    Link building is something it needs to be done very carefully. Having too many rich text keywords can damage your rankings rather than help.
  • Social Media and Multimedia

When all of that is done, submit your site to the search engines and get listed on important business directories (WARNING:
Not every business directory that offers you a free or paid listing of your business is actually going to help your website rank higher on search results, some might hurt your SEO instead. We need to be careful of where to list your business.).

After your site is showing up on Google, it’s important to keep track of your site with a Google Analytics account, that will give you the informatio

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