Website Security

Making sure your website shows on Google's front page.

Website Security

Having been working on website development specially on WordPress websites and CMS for more than fifteen years, we know the risks WordPress websites take when during the development process, secure measures were not taken to protect the business owners from hackers .

Most common website security threats

Websites get attacked all the time, we have seen it! And cleaning a hacked website, it can be a hard task, even for the most advanced web developer or tech savvy person.

Most Common Security Issues


Spam is something annoying that everybody using and email address get all the time. We all get spam emails all the time.

However, sometimes spam can get very dangerous! Thousands of online bots can attack the comments section of your blog trying to inject links to another websites as an attempt to improve their SEO results by getting this way backlinks. And besides this links can be a hidden way to get access to your website’s backend.

Worst case scenario with this malicious links in your comments, is that Google can detect those links and penalize your website, damaging this way your progress on your website’s SEO and Google rankings.

Viruses and malware

We have worked on websites that have been injected with malicious software that are designed to insert malicious URL’s to other websites.

Often times this malicious software exploit poorly developed free plugins.

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