Initial Meeting

Making sure your website shows on Google's front page.

Initial Meeting

Website design and development consultation. After the first calls, we get to meet our clients in person, we do this at our offices or our client’s offices . If meeting in person is not possible due to distance, we can also arrange to discuss your project via Skype or other means necessary.

Sometimes you already have a website, and you just would like to revamp it a little. Other times you are starting with a new website and in both situations we can prepare a plan with our ideas and your ideas to achieve your goals under your budget and the time line you need it.

At this point, we like to hear your goals and your ideas regarding your website, and also we will talk about your budget and the time frame for your project.

Questions we may ask:

Are you creating a new website for a new business or is it a redesign of current website?
If is a new website: Number of pages, amount of content, etc.
Do you need E-commerce and/or shopping cart?
Have you seen a website that you would like to emulate?
Do you already have the content for your website? ( Images, logo, copy, etc.)
Do you need help getting hosting and a domain name for your website?

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